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Community Coffee and Library co-op idea

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I just did this community online survey that was emailed to the community (via “Morris Chamber of Commerce weekly Friday Facts”-and decided to post a blog on my suggestions on the survey). ..

If you have not yet completed the survey for a local nonprofit conducted by the UMM for the Common Cup, there is still time! The survey can be found here: This is the same survey that was mailed out previously, so there is no need to complete the survey through this link if you have already done so. Thank you for your help!

I was wondering what you think about this…

One reason not listed above for not choosing to “go frequently” is because of time. I have a 8a-4pm job and I like to settle down at home for awhile. However, I would love to go more-especially evenings, but it’s close. I would like to see it more open on the evenings in the weekends (e.g. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). I’m not much of a bar person and it’ll be nice to go to an alternative place for food, sports/events on t.v., etc.. to hangout with friends in a quieter atmosphere (e.g. bar is too loud to just have a conversation). I missed the concerts that Common Cup use to have on the weekends. Lastly, I would like to see a community merger of the library and common cup due to financial “economic challenges”. Ideally, it’ll be a cool place for the community to come together for fellowship, food, and educational a Barnes & Noble, but a co-op style community center for college students and the rest of the Stevens County residents to meet and greet.

Old Morris Elementary School Re-use

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What to do about this 17-acre site, got any ideas? Share your feedback, suggestions, etc…


Community Green House

Some folks in the community are talking about a “green house” idea. Some reasons for starting one are:

-a community garden all-year round

-a great activity for the “long winters”

-interdependent as a community instead of depending on others (e.g. Florida “deep freeze” this past winter caused some damage to oranges and tomatoes, which will increase food prices this summer)

-create possible jobs  or volunteering opportunities (e.g. Stevens County DAC’s developmentally disabled population, seniors, youth, etc..)

What do you think? Any additional suggestions, links, ideas, etc…?

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What are some community needs?

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There are so many needs in the community! If we could just “better” network with one another on these “unknown” and “known” needs. Hmm…what are they?

Welcoming New Residents

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How as a community can we “welcome” new residents (e.g. college students, immigrants, migrant workers, etc…) to the Stevens County area?

Services in the Area

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What do you feel are some services (e.g. stores-24/7, restaurants, entertainment,  truck stop, etc…) that you would “like” in this area?

The “newest” truck stop (w/ a fast-food restaurant-Subway & a cafe) in Alexandria on the “busy” intersection (exit ramp) of I-94 and State Highway 27.

Morris used to have a truck stop according to folks I’ve talked to that have lived in this community for a longer time than I have.   Where is it now? What happened? You think we could get one again? Would it help with the congested traffic on Main Street? Will it hurt businesses in this particular route? What if there was one built on the corner of Highway 59 and 28 (old Westmor headquarters)?

Business Minded-People

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Have you ever wanted to start your own business (e.g. scrapbooking, home-based, day-care,  restaurant, store, etc…)?

If you were provided the means (e.g. financial, tools, classes,  etc..) to start one, what would it be?

If the community offered a “start your own business” seminar, would you be interested?

Educating Students Worldwide

330,377 Junior Achievement volunteers teach 379,968 classes to 9,795,485 students a year…

That’s 26,837 students a day and nearly 1,118 students every hour who become empowered with the skills to create a better tomorrow for themselves and their communities!

JA Worldwide is a partnership between the business community, educators and volunteers all working together to inspire young people to dream big and reach their potential.  JA’s hands-on, experiential programs teach the key concepts of work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people all over the world.

Claiming Our Destiny

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What are you passionate (values as a resident: family, job, church, etc..)  about?

What can we be the best (assets: education, college campus, social civic groups, etc…) of ?

What will bring us prosperity (economic engine: businesses, industries,  job types, manufacturing, etc..)?

Stevens County Residents Profile

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How long have you lived in Stevens County? What part of the county do you currently reside?

If you were not originally from here, where did you reside before?

Do you work in the area? Where?

-if you don’t work in the area? Where?

Hello world!

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