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Community Coffee and Library co-op idea

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I just did this community online survey that was emailed to the community (via “Morris Chamber of Commerce weekly Friday Facts”-and decided to post a blog on my suggestions on the survey). ..

If you have not yet completed the survey for a local nonprofit conducted by the UMM for the Common Cup, there is still time! The survey can be found here: This is the same survey that was mailed out previously, so there is no need to complete the survey through this link if you have already done so. Thank you for your help!

I was wondering what you think about this…

One reason not listed above for not choosing to “go frequently” is because of time. I have a 8a-4pm job and I like to settle down at home for awhile. However, I would love to go more-especially evenings, but it’s close. I would like to see it more open on the evenings in the weekends (e.g. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). I’m not much of a bar person and it’ll be nice to go to an alternative place for food, sports/events on t.v., etc.. to hangout with friends in a quieter atmosphere (e.g. bar is too loud to just have a conversation). I missed the concerts that Common Cup use to have on the weekends. Lastly, I would like to see a community merger of the library and common cup due to financial “economic challenges”. Ideally, it’ll be a cool place for the community to come together for fellowship, food, and educational a Barnes & Noble, but a co-op style community center for college students and the rest of the Stevens County residents to meet and greet.

What are some community needs?

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There are so many needs in the community! If we could just “better” network with one another on these “unknown” and “known” needs. Hmm…what are they?