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Welcoming New Residents

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How as a community can we “welcome” new residents (e.g. college students, immigrants, migrant workers, etc…) to the Stevens County area?

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  1. Community Feedback:
    *this is focusing on the majority “Latino” newcomers ..

    Re: Sal-thanks for your interest…Re: Sal-community event to spearhead or co partner “targeting” Mexican community?
    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 8:04 AM
    From: “J____
    To: “GoodNews Morris”

    ” Sounds great! I also think a little publicity in Spanish about the community meal would be helpful too – Is there anything up at La Tienda for example? And just a thought…most of the hispanics in our community are not “migrant workers” – a number of them are putting down roots and would like to stay.

    So – I will certainly be a person to communicate with once you have a few more ideas. Good luck and please keep me in the loop!


    Re: Sal-hi…great event!…Hispanic?
    Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:19 AM
    To: “GoodNews Morris”

    ” Hi Sal,

    Thanks for the note, I’m glad you enjoyed the event. No problem about the wrong name – I can’t tell you how often that happens, I think Argie and I must be long lost sisters.

    I’m not sure what to suggest because, unfortunately, I haven’t connected to the Latino community here yet, but here are some thoughts and I would be happy to be part of a discussion to plan. I think you probably have a couple of different audiences, from what I have observed – first is the men that come to work here and they likely do not have much time on their hands and second the families.

    *Something related to family that would involve children would be good. Any adult activity offered should have childcare included.
    *I wonder if there are any activities that could be offered through MACE, like folklorico dancing. Maybe one of the moms has experience and could help lead.
    *I hear from parents that it is hard to help the kids with homework – we could work on connection to the school
    *You could try to connect to United Latinos on campus – not many Latinos in the group, though
    *I also just read that Willmar had a visit from the Mexican Consulate, maybe that could be useful here.

    I hope that gives you something to start with.

    Thanks, H___

    From: J____
    Subject: Re: Sal-community event to spearhead or co partner “targeting” Mexican community?
    To: “GoodNews Morris”
    Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 10:46 AM

    “Hey Sal!

    I think anything that we can do to include our hispanic population and make them feel welcome in the community would be fabulous. I am hoping though, that you might include them in the planning/prep. I know a few years back someone did a meal of some sort and the food that they prepared was so AMERICAN – even though they called them tacos – that it was laughable. I think this would be an important element in anything that you planned – I would love to assist you in brainstorming some ideas and getting the latinos involved!


  2. I (Sal) was at a recent monthly Stevens Forward meeting last week (Thursday, January 21st 2010) and shared about the above ideas (generally). One steward recommended that “we” do our “outreach” to “newcomers” at the annual “KMRS/KKOK Spring Expo”…

    It’ll be held at the Lee Community Center on March 12th-13th. I was wondering what are some ideas (e.g. brochures in Spanish) of resources we can hand-out or ways we can put some “Spanish-flavor” into this event??. Feel free to email me ( or your ideas…

  3. Recently, I had a chat with an “active” community member in this Hispanic-Latino community regarding this topic. He (R___) thinks we should “target” the woman since the men (majority “migrant workers”) are working majority of the time. The men might be more “open” to attend a “community event” if a female (e.g. spouse) invites them.

    Also, he recommends looking to the City of Willmar for some ideas (e.g. community events)…

    Lastly, R___ wants us to not forget the increasing numbers of the Chinese population in our college-community. As you know, many are coming from the study-abroad program. We are too a “sister-city” with a city in China!

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